Market plans, May 29

As this blog enters its third year, we’re starting to get excellent data on the seasonal patterns of product availability. I have posts from May 30 2008 and May 29 2009 detailing what was growing and what we’d have at market. This makes a great comparison with this week’s market report (and the 2008 post shows how far we’ve come in developing the farm). They also prove that the last two springs and this spring have all been colder and rainer than preferable, since each one has us commenting on such conditions and their effect on our productivity.

This week we’ll be introducing garlic scapes and snap peas (both were just appearing at this time the last two years). There should be a decent amount of scape bundles, and just a few pints of the year’s first peas. Overall we have over 400 row-feet of peas planted, most of which are now flowering, so we expect good availabilty of peas in the coming weeks (snaps, snows, and shellers).

Unlike last year, lettuce is now done. With this week’s heat, and having already gotten two cuttings from all our loose-leaf plantings, we decided enough was enough. The lettuce was likely to get bitter by the end of the week, so on Monday all the beds were cut one last time, and the bulk harvest sold to Uprise Bakery for their salads. We’ll continue having the saute mix of various baby greens like mustard, kale, arugula, beet greens, tat soi, chard, etc.

Radish bundles will be available, along with the usual herbs like garlic chives, mint, and dill. Green onions are finished. We might have a few bundles of broccoli raab, with more to come.

One thought on “Market plans, May 29

  1. Heat means the end of lettuce, yes, but maybe it will help the tomatoes? And honestly, if one doesn't mind a slightly stronger flavored salad, the saute mix works nicely as salad greens as well. It'll be nice to get the first scapes of the season (assuming you don't run out before I get there). I braised the some raab for lunch today with lemon, garlic, chili flakes, and capers. The stems were a little strong, but not unpleasantly so, and the leaves were nice and mild. No pretty picture this time; braised greens (or braised anything really) is hard to make attractive.