Market plans, May 22

We’ll have about the same stand as last week; lettuce mix, salad mix, radishes, green onions, herbs, etc. Peas are flowering and should be available next week. We’ll probably bring pea shoots again.

It’s been a long week for both of us. We measured 7 consecutive days of rain, with a short break Wednesday followed by more rain, which makes the weeds go wild but prevents us from getting many other things done.

In addition, we’re both battling a nasty cold, which creates real problems for harvesting and marketing. Joanna was out of commission for the first part of the week, and I came down hard and fast Wednesday night and am currently in no shape to sell fresh produce. We think we’re both past the contagious phase by now, but it is still not good practice to be sniffling and coughing when working with produce or customers, so we’re hoping that Joanna’s cough goes away quickly. We don’t want to make people sick, but also have this one 4-hour window per week to make sales of products that have taken months to grow. Thank goodness we have workers scheduled for Friday morning to help with harvest.

So be nice to Joanna at market on Saturday; we’re both worn out.

BTW, here’s a nice photo from a reader/customer showing sauteed pea shoots with chive blossoms, both sourced from us. Very pretty.

3 thoughts on “Market plans, May 22

  1. I really hope you don't come down with it after spending all day here. Joanna should have been past contagious and I was feeling fine until the end of the day, so didn't think anything of it.Fantastic photo; mind if I add it to the blog?

  2. I don't seem to be showing any symptoms yet, except that I'm really tired. But that's probably just from doing some real work on Wed, instead of just sitting around for most of the day.As for the photo, thanks. Go ahead and use it if you like.