Market plans, May 15

I’m posting this on Thursday morning instead of Friday, because (a) I know what we’re going to have and might as well give more notice, and (b) the posts I intended to write up for tomorrow involve some photos which are on our desktop computer, which is having issues right now and we’re tired. Look for a couple posts on Friday about how we harvest, wash, and pack our radishes & greens, to better understand the steps we take to ensure quality and freshness. We feel strongly about our handling procedures and the resulting produce quality.

We’ll have the same stand as last week. Lettuce mix (multiple varieties of cut leaf), salad mix (lettuce plus baby greens such as kale, arugula, beet, dill, mustard, etc.), bundles of mixed & straight-color radishes, herbs (lemon balm, catnip, chives, garlic chives, multiple mints), and green onions. Everything harvested fresh on Friday. So far we’ve been getting good reviews on all these from customers and employees alike.
We’ll have some pea shoots coming on, but may not have enough to sell on their own. We may just end up adding them to the salad mix for an extra feature.
Also, Saturday will be a special event at the farmers market: the yearly omelet-making by culinary students from the Career Center. This is a treat, and they use all market ingredients. I stopped by Tuesday to deliver a pound of fresh chives. Make sure to come by and enjoy; Show Me Eats has more detail.

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