Good drizzly market

The weather was ugly this morning at the Market. Cold, drizzly, light breeze… the kind no one in their right mind would go out into. In past years, it’s the kind of weather that means low customer counts, low sales, and depressed farmers.

Not this time. I don’t know what the count was, but I and two other vendors I talked to thought the crowd and the sales were excellent given the conditions. We made slightly more than last week, though I was sure I’d have lots left over given the conditions.
At the end, we had four pounds of lettuce mix left, which was happily purchased by Courtney from Uprise Bakery for use in their kitchen. Uprise certainly goes out of their way not only to buy from local farmers, but to make deals at the end of market to take on items that weren’t sold and otherwise wouldn’t be sold. They’ve been really good about supporting and sourcing from us, and pay a very fair price. Support them, and thank them.
Thanks also to everyone who came to the Market despite the weather, and pleased every vendor I talked to with their loyalty. It’s a good sign.

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