First market recap & other happenings

Our first market of the year was a great success. The market was nearly full of vendors, probably close to 60, and was busy with customers all morning. I was gratified to see just how many shoppers remembered us and were excited to see us back. We easily sold out of our lettuce mixes, radishes, and green onions, and sold most of the large quantity of mint and other herbs.
Salad mix, with lettuce & other baby greens (mizuna, mustard, kale, arugula, and more):

Diverse bunches of radishes:

With a warm, mostly dry week expected, we’ll be very busy. Weeding is a top priority, as the abundant rain has let lots of things germinate. Sunday morning we cleaned up most of the market garden with our regular Sunday worker, and expect to take care of much of the main field by/on Wednesday, when three more people work.
Parsnips, onions, scallions, carrots, beets, various brassicas, and more are all in the ground and growing. There is also more indoor seeding to do, and Joanna is managing lots of growing plants indoors and in our small hoophouse, waiting for transplanting time. We think we have one last chance of a frost this coming weekend, as a strong cold front comes through, and expect to start setting out zucchini early next week. Tomatoes, peppers, and more will go out eventually.
I’m hoping to begin work on our walk-in cooler early this week, but am not entirely sure how long it will take me to build. Setting out irrigation is a looming task, though I hate doing it.
The next few week’s markets will look a lot like this one, but toward the end of May new things like beets, garlic scapes, and more will start appearing. Summer and fall are our primary production seasons, so the stand will just keep getting bigger as time goes on.
So far we’re pretty happy with our season. The no-till raised beds are giving us excellent results in this wet spring, when many other farmers have been complaining about not getting anything in the ground.

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