What’s growing in early April

Lots of things starting to grow here. One nice surprise has been our overwintering collards, about half of which made it through the harsh winter and have put on a nice flush of leaves again. There aren’t enough to sell, but we and our employees can enjoy some early spring greens. I sauteed this batch with garlic and balsamic the other day for a lovely change of pace.

Peas are coming up nicely. We’ve planted quite a lot of peas, and hope they’ll do well for us at market. Snap, snow, and shellers are all in the works. Seeing nice lines of fast-growing pea plants is inspiring.

The garlic is mostly looking excellent, and growing fast. Pretty soon we’ll start getting garlic scallions, then garlic scapes, then the main attraction in early summer.

Not pictured are radishes, lettuce, onions, baby brassicas, and more.

4 thoughts on “What’s growing in early April

  1. Think you might have some pea shoots (i.e. the results of thinning the peas) for sale? They're one of my produce items in early spring.(btw, the comment about cheap Royals tickets was a bit of a joke; the recruiting staff at Cerner made sure to emphasize the price of baseball tickets in KC.)

  2. We certainly intend to have pea shoots. Hopefully by the 24th the plants will be large enough to take some light shoot trimming. Hope you'll still be around then.

  3. Just got my official starting date this morning, and it looks like I'll definitely be around; turns out I'm not going to be working until almost the end of July. Wish I was getting a paycheck sooner, but at least I'll be in town for the beginning of peak market season.

  4. I've got tomatoes and onion starts out. I planted carrots, bell peppers and okra seeds last week. I'm hoping to make it to the market up there. I love the bread that the lady from Moberly makes!