Weekend reading: CHF website

As part of our spring office work, I recently edited, rebuilt, and generally fiddled with the farm’s official website, www.cherthollowfarm.com. There is lots of information there, and we try to keep it as accurate and accessible as possible.

So if you’re looking for something to read this weekend, please take some time to browse through the new site. Even if you’ve been to the old one, take a look at the 2010 version. New photos, new information, subtly different layout…I’m interested in feedback.

One friend & reader will be happy to notice I finally got around to implementing his suggestion last year that the banner be a general link back to the home page. The banner is also a new photo that I like a lot.

So take a look and pass along comments here or by email. Things you’d change, things you especially like, things that are missing…this is our primary public face and I want to get it right.

Market sales start next week, so help us get ready.

3 thoughts on “Weekend reading: CHF website

  1. I read through your website. I thought it was really great! Everything is easy to access and there is lots of information. I love all the pictures – not only are they great for showing how your farm works, but also great for people who are looking for ways to raise produce. All in all, the changes are wonderful!