We measured 4.6″ of rain from Friday morning to Sunday morning. It’s disgustingly soggy out there. Strangely enough, even though it’s been a very wet winter and spring overall, we had never had more than 1″ in any one go. Thus we had never really had any floods this spring, until now; there’s water everywhere.

Still, we’re able to get work done. We had a worker over Sunday morning, with light rain still falling, and got plenty accomplished. Trellising peas, tying up deer fence extensions, digging out drainage channels in the field, weeding & thinning lettuce and beets, stacking newly-milled lumber in the barn…there’s work to be done regardless of weather. These conditions make us very grateful for our no-till permanent beds, as we can be out working without slogging through thick mud or compacting our soil; the mulched or grassy aisles are far more forgiving than a bare-dirt field. We’ve also had very little soil wash or erosion.
Although rain saves us irrigation cost and work, overall we prefer dry conditions. It’s easier to put targeted water into the beds than to deal with an overabundance everywhere. Still, things are fine and we’re happy with our upcoming first market potential.

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