Rain messing with market plans

Through Tuesday morning, we’ve recorded rain for 6 consecutive days. We will likely see the sun on Wednesday, then have it vanish again sometime on Thursday as another front builds in with rain and thunderstorms through the weekend.

Lettuce and radishes do not grow very fast under such conditions. I don’t think most things are going to be much bigger than they were last week by market harvest time. Thus it will probably be a smaller market for us than we hoped, but we’re sticking to going because we’ve said we are and we have to start sometime.
Farmers complaining about weather is no news, but that doesn’t stop it being real. A few weeks ago we were thankful for the first rain as the ground was cracking-open dry. Now there’s water everywhere, no sun for a week, nothing’s growing, and we’re annoyed. Just no pleasing some people.
This, by the way, is why they grow produce in places like California and Arizona. Never mind that whole desert thing, the weather is stable and perfect. Just add subsidized, unsustainable water and low-paid workers.

One thought on “Rain messing with market plans

  1. I'm hoping the rain hasn't drowned every seed we put into the ground week before last. Like you, we were happy with the initial rain, but now we're thinking "enough already." Our heirloom tomatoes are still under grow lights, though.It's sad when you think about how much money is spent trying to make deserts produce vegetation – and the products completely lack taste.