Grey cat

A loose cat has started showing up at our door over the weekend. It is clearly a house cat, and is clearly not used to being outdoors, especially in these conditions. It’s a beautiful cat, grey with white highlights, and extremely soft fur. It’s hungry and friendly, hanging out on our porch looking through the windows. We’ve given it a bit of food and a dry towel to lie on. This is clearly either a recently dumped cat, or a seriously lost one given how far it would have to come to get down here. I also think it may have hurt a paw. I gingerly rubbed its back while it ate, and it responded with a huge happy back arch and a good purr. It likes people and expects handling.

Anyone want a really nice cat? I don’t want to have to take it to the Humane Society, where they’re already overwhelmed and will charge us (understandably) for taking it in. This cat is too nice to live in a crate. Eliza is not at all happy with the situation, spending all her time staring out the window and making blood-curdling noises. We don’t think we can afford another indoor cat, but this one is melting ours hearts and we want to know it has a good home.

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