Easter food

Holidays aren’t generally a big deal for us, mostly serving as an excuse to make interesting or unusual meals that we might not do otherwise. They also tend to highlight seasonal changes, as at Thanksgiving. Easter is a good excuse to celebrate early spring, so our meal on Sunday naturally reflected some newly available items along with some standard fare:

Grilling is such an obvious Easter tradition, and we didn’t skip it. Below we have skewers of goat cubes marinated in olive oil, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, our garlic, and our basil. We have plenty of storage onions left, and chose a nice set of the smallest ones that are perfect for grilling. At top is the first asparagus produced on-farm. Joanna took over the grilling on this day and got it just right, with the meat juicy, tender, and flavorful; the onions sweet and just the right texture; and the asparagus good enough for even me to want more.

The whole meal featured a basic brown rice pilaf, along with homemade fresh-grilled flatbreads topped with fresh chives and farm-made feta cheese. Grilled meat and onions wrapped in fresh flatbreads with fresh feta & chives is a heavenly taste. A fresh salad would have been nice, but our lettuce isn’t big enough yet.

It was a comfortable afternoon, a bit unsettled as various strong storms had been building all day, but we were able to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It wasn’t until after dark that the rain, intense lightning, and brief hail arrived. At least we weren’t a bit farther north, where tennis-ball-sized hail and at least one tornado were reported.

One thought on “Easter food

  1. I've never eaten goat before. I'm not hip on holidays either. Accept Halloween, I love the fall and carving pumpkins. Anyhoo, I wanted to go up north and dig geodes on Easter. But I didn't have anyone to go with me.