Early April Farmers Market

I had to go to Columbia Saturday morning for a few errands, so stopped by the Farmers Market to visit with colleagues and just get a sense of how the early-season market was going. Holy crap. At around 10am, the place was jammed, with the market extending 2/3 of its total possible length and the parking lots quite busy. Easter probably helped, as did the beautiful sunny weather, but it was a really impressive turnout. Nice to see, and exciting for the coming start of our season.

We expect to start selling either April 24 or May 1, weather depending, with radishes, lettuce, chives, mint, possibly goose eggs, and more. Speaking of which, anyone who wants goose eggs can come out to the farm for some, we’re producing more than we can keep up with. They make great souffles, custards, and more.

5 thoughts on “Early April Farmers Market

  1. Eric,Do you have a good local source for heirloom tomatoes plants? I have been looking the last couple of springs, but haven't had any luck locating them.Thanks, Chris

  2. I must have just missed you – I was gone a little before 10 I think. Anyway, the market is really doing great, considering how early in the season it is.By the way, I did finally get a job offer. I start at Cerner in May, so I'm going to be moving to KC very shortly. I'm trying to squeeze in as many visits to the market as I can before I go though.

  3. Regarding tomato plants, we've never bought plants, always just started them ourselves, so I don't have a specific recommendation. Deep Mud was selling plants last year and I thought he would be at market yesterday. Other possibilities include Heartland Nursery and maybe Pierpont (I don't know if they sell plants, but they raise lots of tomatoes). There are always lots of folks selling heirloom plants at the market once the season is right (it's too early right now), so I'd start checking in late April/early May. I can't give any recommendations on quality, as we've never bought from anyone.

  4. Nick, that's great news. Congratulations. We'll miss you but that's life. You're not a baseball fan, are you? I'm hoping to make at least one Royals game this year.

  5. eh, not really. If anything I'm a cards man, but I'm not too intense about it. I hear royals tickets are inexpensive though.