The sun comes out

This week will probably be the busiest of the year so far. We have glorious weather forecast all week, clear skies through Friday with steadily rising temperatures into the upper 70s. It is desperately needed in order to begin truly drying out the ground. That drying will kick-start a huge project list that has been on hold during this three-month stretch of frozen/soggy conditions. On the potential agenda:

– Resetting several gate posts in the field with concrete
– Rebuilding/adding better gates on the reset posts
– Having our concrete pad poured in the main barn, so I can start building a walk-in cooler
– Setting new corner & gate posts around the market garden, so we can improve that fence
– Having trenching done on a new water line out to our main field
– Regrading our road to reestablish a good crown and drainage channels
– Setting various fence posts in different pastures/fields for upgrading of fences
– Building trellises for our bramble plantings
– Continuing to prepare beds for future planting
– Planting peas, beets, mixed greens, scallions, radishes, transplanting asparagus & brassicas
– Incorporating winter cover crop into the soil (usually by hoe)
– Collecting winter-cut firewood from formerly soggy areas and either stacking for summer curing, or transporting to Goatsbeard Farm (who pasteurizes their milk with a wood furnace).
There are many more projects/tasks ongoing, but these are some of the ones most dependent on reasonably dry soil conditions. The planting tasks look simple, but cover quite a bit of planning & work to implement our planting plans appropriately. We’ll also be continuing to start things indoors, moving them to our small greenhouse, and so on. With expectations for another good-sized storm system to arrive next weekend, we’ll be cramming as much progress as possible into this week. I don’t expect to write anything else for this blog until the rain arrives, so if you’re bored take the time to browse our archives. It’s interesting to look back and see what was happening in past years and times.
In the meantime, if you’re local, enjoy the weather. We sure will be, when we’re not sleeping.

One thought on “The sun comes out

  1. Eric,Sounds like you have a lot of fence building planned. If you have any interest in used aluminum gates I have several that are free for the taking. I have been doing a lot of fence removal around my small farm, and the previous owner apparently had quite an affinity for these light gates. I probably have 10 or more of them in various lengths. You can email me at if you have any interest.Chris