Late winter meals

I haven’t written about cooking in a bit, though we’ve been eating very well this winter on everything we preserved from the growing season. Here’s a photo tour of some nice meals we’ve been preparing from dominately on-farm items:

Polenta & bread

Fresh-ground dent corn cooked into polenta squares, topped with homemade ragu of tomatoes, dried basil, and ground goat meat. Side of fresh-baked bread with olive oil for dipping.

Leberkase sandwich & German preserves

Homemade German-style liver loaf (goat), cooked and sliced onto fresh bread with homemade mustard. Sides of pickled egg, home-fermented sauerkraut, pickled beets & cucumbers.
Filipino night

Venison marinated in a sweet adobo sauce (sugar, soy, garlic, pepper, bay leaf, vinegar) and slow-cooked with farm dried beans; fried rice with farm edamame, green beans, eggs, & more; mixed nuts roasted with adobo glaze.

Comfort food

Grilled cheese with fresh-baked bread and farm aged cheddar; Indian-spiced tomato soup; farm-made applesauce; pickled beets & dilly beans.

Goose breakfast

Goose-egg omelet with farm cheddar, edamame, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and more.

Eggs Benedict

Fresh-made biscuits topped with poached farm eggs and scratch-made Hollandaise sauce.

I’m no food photographer, usually remember to grab the camera when things are already served and rapidly chilling. Still, we like to document meals, and the fact that so many interesting things can be made with our farm’s products and a few basic low-ingredient kitchen staples.

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