So THIS is why canned tomatoes taste nasty…

There’s really nothing more to say about this NYT article on corruption and bribery in the corporate food world:

He admitted his role in a bribery scheme that has laid bare a startling vein of corruption in the food industry. And because the scheme also involved millions of pounds of tomato products with high levels of mold or other defects, the case has raised serious questions about how well food manufacturers safeguard the quality of their ingredients. Over the last 14 months, Mr. Watson and three other purchasing managers, at Frito-Lay, Safeway and B&G Foods, have pleaded guilty to taking bribes. Five people connected to one of the nation’s largest tomato processors, SK Foods, have also admitted taking part in the scheme.

Remind me why we’re targeting small, direct-market producers with food safety laws?

3 thoughts on “So THIS is why canned tomatoes taste nasty…

  1. Never ceases to amaze me how greedy people are. They don't care about you and me getting sick. It's all about the green backs. What will they tell their maker when they meet Him? I'd like to be a fly on the wall.

  2. And how wonderful that I've heard absolutely NOTHING about this until reading it here on your blog. That is exactly why these instances need to get as much media attention as Tiger Woods and American Idol.

  3. Ew. Ew Ew Ew. And I'm with Corabela, I'd heard nothing about this until your post. How comforting to know I could access Tiger Woods' sex life info 24/7, but not hear a peep about stuff that is going into my mouth. The more I learn about the industrial food system, the less I trust it. Thanks, Eric, for the info – and keep it coming!