Food safety silliness in Chicago

Anyone still wondering why we’re so virulently opposed to the new crackdowns on food safety, especially as it applies to small farms and local foods, should read this piece from the Chicago Tribune. Even when someone follows all the rules and tries to be an honest businessperson, the government can just arbitrarily decide to wipe them out. Seriously, read the article, and keep in mind that the new food safety legislation specifically gives Federal agents the right to inspect any farm, any time, any where, and declare its products “adulterated” or otherwise problematic and order them destroyed with no right of appeal. Just wait until this starts happening to small farms.

3 thoughts on “Food safety silliness in Chicago

  1. Yep. And the truly sad thing is, among the few representatives who have heard people like us decrying things like this, you know what the response has been? To include new funding in these bills to help "train" small farmers and food processors to accurately comply with these laws! That's their idea of "help". Throwing good money after bad, and it's celebrated as good Democrats hearing the pleas of small farmers. Baaaa.

  2. Isn't that amazing! Jerks! I have a friend that works for Mo Dept of Ag. He said they are no longer testing in sale barns because there is no money! Well now we know why! They don't want the little man to get ahead! Oh and I can get pulled over and my vehicle searched for a bumper sticker! What is this world coming to??