New Year’s Goals

One of the joys of farming, I’ve found, is that old calendar quirks actually begin to matter again. For example, the New Year starting in January was always just annoying on an academic schedule, but it feels very accurate in a farm setting. So even though the date is still arbitrary, here’s a look at what we hope to accomplish in the coming growing year.

We’re going to be nearly tripling the amount of bed space growing products for sale, and will likely be hiring or arranging regular help to accomplish that. We expect to double our income from 2009, and be a reliable supplier to our restaurant contacts as well as at market. As always, we’ll be trying new products and testing consumer interest in them, as well as responding to the feedback we’ve gotten from the past year. We won’t be offering a CSA, though it’s likely we’ll start doing so in 2011. We’ll have the farm officially set up for agritourism, allowing individuals or groups to take pre-arranged, guided tours for a fair cost. We’ll be at the farmers market every Saturday from April through November, hopefully in a consistent location.
Most importantly, we have every intention of continuing to love what we do. Even when we’re tired, hot, annoyed, sore, or otherwise feeling the downside of our choices, we’ll remind ourselves of how fortunate we are to have the freedom to pursue this dream, and to work at a business that is important, effective, and worthwhile. We’ll try to take just enough time off to stay sane, and continue to enjoy all the little quirks and details of a daily life that is so intertwined with our location and goals. We’ll feed ourselves exceedingly well on farm-raised products and be grateful that we can. And we’ll enjoy continuing to share our products, lives, and thoughts with all those who take an interest online and in the real world. Happy New Year to you all.

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