Missouri River ice & farm purchases

Monday was a rare day away from the farm. We’d been contacted by a grower over in Saline County, about an hour west of here, who was cutting back and wanting to sell some extra supplies, and thought we might be interested. So we headed over there, taking advantage of the trip to check on the status of the Missouri River in a few locations, given the recent deep freeze.

It was a beautiful sunny day, just below freezing, and the ice was thoroughly active on the river. The current was too strong for a solid surface, but there was very little water showing through a thick coat of ice chunks, all jostling and churning as they moved downstream. The sound was mesmerizing, just a constant hiss as the floes slid along. The view above was taken from the Katy Trail east of Rocheport, as was the video below.

We also got views of the river in Boonville and Glasgow, each with the same thick sheet of floes moving with a strong current. At Boonville, a sheet of solid ice filled the low-velocity zone below a wing dike, and the ice flow patterns were especially interesting near the edge of the solid ice
as the remaining current squeezed around it. See photo & video below. The sound in this case is mostly bridge traffic; the largest floes are a couple meters across.
Yes, we’re scientists at heart; we find natural features & patterns like this endlessly fascinating. Without other commitments, we could easily have stayed in either location for hours, studying how each floe interacted with others, how they had formed, and how the currents shifted.
As for the actual purpose of the trip, we did indeed find much of interest. Five good market tables, two tents, another hanging scale, five large foam coolers for transporting produce, lots of metal sawhorses for setting up packing tables, and more. Much better price than buying new, and getting things used just fundamentally fits our principles of minimizing waste & expenditures. These are all things we’re going to need as we significantly increase our growing capacity & market presence next year.
It was a worthwhile trip for the supplies alone, and having a beautiful day to check in on the river and enjoy a nice drive through rural Missouri (we saw at least 30 hawks of many types) was just a bonus. We love this life.

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