Brutal cold

It’s been well below freezing all week, and another strong winter storm hitting Wednesday through Thursday dropped 5″ of snow and brought truly Arctic air over us. We had forecast highs for Friday and Saturday around 5F, with lows well below zero and strong winds pushing the wind chill below -20. Seeing this coming, we went down to do some extra weather-proofing on the animal housing. We have lots of old used sheets which we use for frost protection in milder seasons; these were now wrapped around the sheds and stapled/tied in place as an extra layer of draft protection given the various chinks in the walls. The chicken shed in particular looks like a Hooverville mansion, though it’s sobering to remember that a significant portion of the world’s population would consider this an upgrade in housing.

Water doesn’t stay liquid long at these temperatures, so we simply shuttle buckets back and forth from the house, where the ice melts enough to be dumped and refilled. This may sound uncomfortable, but overall I don’t think I spend any more time outside doing basic animal chores than a commuter walking to and from a car at home and work as well as running errands like shopping. So I figure it’s a wash, since I can come back in to a hot wood stove.

We’re certainly burning through our wood supply under these conditions, and I have to hope we get a decent warm spell at some point this winter. That’s quite common here, but so far it’s been a Northern winter without end. Still, the house stays above 60 with some work, and it gives us time to work on all the indoor/office tasks that are needed by the time spring arrives.

One thought on “Brutal cold

  1. We have electric heat and I don't think it's turned off once since the cold snap began. I'd like to get a wood or pellet stove but my husband retires in April. We are not sure if we will still be in Central MO next year. Stay Warm!