What can we grow for you in the coming years?

Over the next few days, we’ll be meeting with several chefs to discuss what we could grow for their restaurants next year. We have at least two others we hope to meet with before our seed order deadline of mid-January. While we’re still focused on market sales, we want to increase our presence on the restaurant scene, as a good balance to unpredictable market sales and to reach more people with our product than market alone. These meetings will be a good learning experience for us, as will the upcoming year.

However, it’s not just the opinions of chefs that we want. I know many customers read this blog during the season; if you’re still out there, we want to hear from you what types and varieties of produce you want to see at market next year or in future years. Whether it’s something we grew that you want to see back, something someone else grew that you want us to offer, something no one grows that we ought to, or anywhere in between, let us know. Joanna especially enjoys trying to grow new and unusual varieties, so be creative. If it is something completely new to us, it might take a couple of years to achieve market quantities, as we usually grow small test plantings first to assess performance.

This is really important to us; we’ve set a deadline of mid-January to finish the seed order and the planning for our field usage next year. So we need the feedback, and want to be as accessible and responsive to customers as possible. I know we also have lots of non-local readers, and I’d be happy to hear from you as well, with ideas and tips on what you find or don’t find at your own markets. Emails work as well as comments: sent to contactus@cherthollowfarm.com

Thanks in advance

One thought on “What can we grow for you in the coming years?

  1. This season, we enjoyed the edamame, the kale, and the freshly-ground cornmeal. Some of the cornmeal made it into cornbread stuffing for our Thanksgiving meal and some of it made very delicious polenta. I would love it if someone at the market offered broccoli rabe. I've only seen it for sale once, several years ago.