Happy birthday, Joanna (2009)

Yesterday was another birthday; the sixth in our mutual history. I’m more grateful every year for the time we’ve had, and all that we have and will accomplish together. Last year I put together a timeline of every Dec 3 we’ve enjoyed; here’s this year’s edition:

December 2009:

A sunny but cold, windy day that barely broke the freezing mark. We had a slow morning, highlighted by a batch of our favorite luxuriant breakfast, Finnish pancake. Initially the plan had been to visit Greystone Farm in Howard County, and maybe go hiking or something afterward, but our hosts had to cancel at the last minute. We ended up stopping by Goatsbeard Farm to deliver a load of firewood and pick up some goat grain, then went into Columbia for a birthday lunch at Sycamore (courtesy of a parental-in-law gift certificate). Back home for the afternoon, I did my best to get a deeply-desired second deer for her, but failed.

I did succeed at another long-anticipated present, the opening of 2009’s first batch of aged cheddar, which we had saved for the birthday. We both agree this was the best batch yet. As always, Joanna made her own cake, and we enjoyed a nice dinner at home with the fire roaring.

Happy birthday, my love.

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