Christmas snow & food

As the steady rain leading up to Christmas changed to snow overnight, we enjoyed several wonderful meals. Excellent weather for a warm fire in the stove and a busy kitchen.

We prepared a good German-influenced meal for Christmas eve. Roast turkey with a sauerkraut-apple-potato stuffing, giblet gravy, mashed potatoes, fresh rolls, and good German beer. Not shown are various pickles and cheeses. Most ingredients were ours, of course. While goose would be more traditional, last year we had goose for Thanksgiving, so figured we’d return the favor this year with our one turkey.

This fellow was probably the most expensive meat we’ve eaten, when you figure in all the time it took to raise him. But as a heritage breed from a small hatchery, raised on pasture, he also turned out to be easily the tenderest, tastiest turkey we’ve ever had. Not sure we’re going to raise turkeys again any time soon, as they’re stupid and far more prone to die than other birds. But at least this experiment ended well. We’ll stick to geese for now, and hope to have a nice meat flock hatched out in the spring.

Christmas day brought Joanna’s family’s tradition of fresh lasagna, made with our own tomatoes and cheese. We were lazy this year and didn’t make our own noodles, partly because our egg supply is very limited with only one hen laying. This version was made with a white sauce as well as tomato, so it was very creamy and rich. We added a side of fresh lime-cumin slaw, which didn’t exactly match in a culinary sense, but provided the fresh greens we were craving after two heavy, non-green meals. This was our second-to-last cabbage head in storage, still tasty and crunchy.

Also not shown, but thoroughly over-indulged in, are the large selection of German Christmas cookies and Stollen loaves we always make. After a few days of this, it felt very good to get outside in the snow with a chainsaw and start doing physical work again.

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