What were we doing last November?

Blog archives are fun. I need to spend more time looking back at what we were thinking, doing, and writing about in past years. We like our organic records because they help us become better farmers; the blog archives can serve the same role.

Look back through last November’s posts, for example. Lots on the organic certification process; we really sunk time into that. Lots of good food being eaten, as we were running the “What We Eat” series that chronicled all our main meals and their sources. This year is just as good; we haven’t been to a grocery store in weeks now, though we’re getting low on a couple staples like butter. Hunting, butchering, logging, planning…all that’s happening this year too. One of the great things about farming is the combination of regular cycles with complete surprise. We have a comforting seasonal cycle which will always progress, never trapping us in any one task or routine forever, but giving us something to look forward to based upon the same events the year before.
My favorite post of the month was this one criticizing the Missouri Department of Conservation for their proposed changes to the resident landowner hunter permit system. I sent a similar text to MDC as a comment, and apparently so did a whole lot of others folks, as they reported being inundated with rage. The change was withdrawn, and rural landowners retain the right to a free hunting permit on their own land. Democracy in action, and I’m glad to have played a small part in it.

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