Thanksgiving leftovers

Every year’s holiday season(s) sees a fresh stream of “new” thoughts from anyone with a keyboard and publishing outlet. I’m certainly not immune to the urge to somehow add something unique to a holiday that’s been chewed over by writers since the Civil War or beyond. But I’m going to resist, partially, and in the spirit of yesterday’s post simply offer links to two pieces I wrote last year about Thanksgiving. I don’t think I have anything new to add this year, and they stand well on their own, especially for all the new readers we’ve gathered since then.

Mark Twain’s Thanksgiving
Drawn from a NY Times piece, this looks back at what standard holiday cuisine in America looked like at perhaps the peak of its diversity, with a good balance of local/regional cuisine and the new-found ability to ship certain items elsewhere for a varied menu. Before this period, menus might have been too restricted by locale; in modern times, we’ve swung too far to the nationally homogenized end. Read, and consider how we might move back toward that happy medium.

Thanksgiving Recap
A pictorial summary of last year’s farm- and Missouri-sourced Thanksgiving meal. This will stand for a long time as one possible example of how regionally-aware cooking can generate a diverse, meaningful, and tasty meal.

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