Small Farm Show 2009

Every year the National Small Farm trade show comes to Columbia in early November. I wrote a thorough description last year that can serve again, with a few highlights repeated.

Although it’s aimed at small and sustainable farmers, this show really would be of interest to any community members interested in gardening or local foods. I’ve long felt that customers would enjoy and value learning more about the agriculture that produces their food at the farmers market, and even a quick visit to this show would give you a window into our world. There are generally a fair amount of animals on display/sale for kids to enjoy, sheepdog demonstrations, tractors to gawk over, and so on. The on-site bookstore offers plenty of books of interest to non-farmers, and many of the tools and techniques discussed and presented at the show are relevant to home gardeners as well.
So consider giving it a try, and if you do, let us know what you thought. The show runs this Thursday through Saturday at the Boone County fairgrounds; check the link above for details. Frankly, this show is far closer to what a county fair ought to be like in my mind (other than the rides).
One important note: the food at the show is awful. Despite the focus on small farms and local foods, my understanding is that the management of the fairgrounds insists on having the sole right to offer food service, which means the only food available is your standard greasy burgers, hotdogs, nachos, soda, and so on. It’s the only venue big enough to host this show, so that’s that. Bring your own and keep a couple years on your life.

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