Road work

Anyone who has visited the farm will remember our steep entry road, which crosses one small stream on a narrow fill before crossing a larger stream on a bedrock ford. The smaller stream has long been a problem for us and the neighbors who share the road, as the culvert is too small and in any heavy rain it backs up, floods the whole bottom, and scours out the road. I have spent far too many hours regrading the road after storms to clean up all the gravel and debris moved around by this blocked culvert. Several times I’ve had to drag driftwood off the road with the tractor.

So we were finally able to have something done about it. Along with the neighbor in question, we were able to have the road dug out, a far larger culvert put in, the road widened and smoothed, and in general improved. To our inner geologists, there’s nothing more fascinating than a big new cut in the ground:

The bedrock crossing will always be flood-prone, and the road will always be steep, but at least now it won’t wash out as often, the maintenance time should drop significantly, and it will be a bit less nerve-wracking an entry for customers and visitors with small cars.

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