Market plans, October 17

Last week’s inaugural sales of cornmeal and soup beans went fantastically. Folks were very interested and both products sold out quickly (in fairness, we didn’t bring that much). We’re a bit concerned about the corn for this market, as much of our stock had to be harvested a bit early due to heavy rains, and has since been hanging in the house near our wood stove to accelerate its drying. We won’t know until we do some test grinds on Friday whether we’ll have much ready for market this week. Soup beans should again be available. I’m really hoping to get some returning customers’ feedback on these two products, to judge whether it’s worth it for both us and them.

Also, the greens amounts may be a bit lower, due to this cold, cloudy week. No sun means slower regrowth, and we won’t know until we’ve finished harvesting Friday afternoon how much we’ll really have. Definitely some, but they may run out before the end of market.
We tentatively expect to bring a small amount of sweet potatoes, both white and red.
Mustard greens, collard greens, kale, daikon radishes, mixed fall radishes, beets, turnips, green tomatoes, lettuce heads, lettuce mix, sunchokes, herbs, fresh-ground cornmeal, and dried soup beans.
Okra and peppers are now finished.
If we have time, we’d like to start arranging and bringing some decorative items like sorghum & corn stalks, sorghum and/or cedar wreaths, and so on. We’ve been bringing some beautiful purple amaranth heads with no customer interest, so we’re not sure decorative stuff is really worth our while. But as we get closer to Halloween and the holidays, maybe interest will pick up.

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