Market plans, 10/31

This Saturday will be our final market of 2009. It will be the last harvest of some items, like root vegetables, for which we’ve been staggering our harvests to reach our planned ending point of late October. Other items could keep going, like greens, but the continued wet and cloudy conditions have kept them from regrowing fast enough to maintain a weekly harvest any longer. The quality and quantity are starting to drop, and we have been slowly bringing less to each market.

In addition, as would be expected, the income from each market slowly drops as customers fall away and products become more scarce. We think that after this week, our market income would no longer justify the time and effort of coming. We could probably string out another week or two with small items like decorative sorghum heads, cedar wreaths, and so on, but it just isn’t worth it. We’re looking forward to not having our lives planned around Friday and Saturday, and to having those two days a week back for other work.

I’ll write up a few more recap posts down the road; I’d like to put together a slideshow of our market stands throughout the year. But for now, we’ll look forward to seeing our customers this last time and thanking all of them for their support and interest.

A sense of closure.

Mustard & collard greens, kale, mizuna, lettuce mix, daikon & other radishes, fresh-ground cornmeal, herbs, and more. Not sure if we’ll get around to sunchokes or not; it’s awfully muddy. There will be a lot of lettuce this week, as we’ll do a larger final harvest on plants we don’t intend to hold for ourselves.

Soup beans are done; we’re keeping the rest for ourselves. Folks seemed to enjoy them, and we’ll be doing more next year. Turnips and beets are about done; we’ll see if there are any more decent ones to be scrounged.

Plans to take one day a week off (other than essential chores) for the winter season. With no market, that still nets us an extra day of farm work in addition to some relaxation.

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