Market plans, 10/24

Two weeks of excitement over the cornmeal & beans means we’re bringing even more this week, in an effort to make the cornmeal last beyond 9:30. I did the final corn census on Thursday, counting 70 ears of Hickory King and 50 of Texas gourdseed. Figuring that we need 9 months worth of corn for ourselves, that’s 30 weeks x 2 ears/week = 60 ears. So that leaves 60 ears left to shell and grind for the next two weeks of market. This is more than we originally thought we’d have, so we’re very pleased. And we’ve been getting more good reviews on the product.

We’ve decided that Halloween will very likely be our last market. We have about two more weeks of greens, radishes, lettuce, and the rest of the produce left to harvest, and after that there won’t be enough product to make coming to market worthwhile. It pulls two days a week out of our lives, and the income will drop to where that’s really not worth it. So get what you want while you can through October.
More corn. We really do intend to bring some sweet potatoes this week, honest.
Mustard greens, collard greens, kale, daikon radishes, mixed fall radishes, beets, turnips, lettuce heads, lettuce mix, sunchokes, herbs, fresh-ground cornmeal, and dried soup beans.
One note on the sunchokes: we’ve been finding more worms than we expected in these, so we’re being more careful in judging them for market. Our apologies if you got a worm; please tell us if it bothered you and we’ll replace or refund you.
Green tomatoes are finished.
Saturday mornings that don’t begin at 5am (at least for us).

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