Lots going on

For those wondering about the slower posting schedule, there are multiple reasons. Joanna’s been out of town since last Monday (getting home tonight/Wednesday), attending a family wedding and doing some well-earned travelling while she’s at it. So I’ve been running the place on my own, with the help of a few well-timed and appreciated visits from friends. In addition, my mother is now here for a week-long visit, and I choose her company over the computer’s. So the blog has gotten the boot while I keep up with everything and enjoy rare family time.

There has been a great deal happening, though. We’ve been battling an especially persistent hawk that’s been taking young chickens with annoying regularity. We also had our first light frost last night, proving my oft-repeated rule that whenever the NWS forecasts lows of near 40 in Columbia, we’re in frost threat. At dawn on Thursday, the Columbia airport was reporting 45, our house thermometer read 38, and there was clear frost on the lowest parts of the garden and field. Knowing these local trends is part of farming effectively.

Joanna gets home tonight, my mother leaves on Monday, and so next week we’ll start returning to normal and trying to get ahead on all the fall tasks coming up. Lots of beds to clear and mulch or plant in winter cover, garlic planting is almost here, winter animal housing needs to start being planned, and logging season is just around the corner. In the meantime there are still lots of greens and more to be harvested, sold, and enjoyed.

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