Worthwhile reads: camel’s milk & more

At the beginning of what will be another extremely busy week here, I’m offering a few more very interesting reads. These are both from what is rapidly becoming our core source for food & ag news, the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s news index. This non-profit group does excellent work advocating for and legally defending small farms and consumer food rights, including raw milk issues. We’re members, and their website is well worth a read for anyone remotely interested in sustainable food and farming. We hope never to need their legal services, but are deeply glad they’re there.

In any case, the best gems from this week include:

A new camel’s milk dairy in the Netherlands, and all the predictably bizarre bureaucracy the young entrepreneur had to fight to open the business.

Increasing numbers of no-till farmers planting fields of radishes as a winter cover crop in their grain/bean rotations. The radishes improve the soil’s texture and nutrients in a natural manner that reduces the need for tillage and fertilization. Great example of simpler ways to farm effectively & naturally.

Tom Vilsack advocating rational food policies at a major policy conference:

More than once, Vilsack noted the importance and relevance of healthy eating to
meaningful health care reform.“If we meet the daily allowances, we will do a
better job of reducing health care costs,” Vilsack told attendees.

Now if they can just balance that with reductions in the water & commidy subsidies that are at the core of the problem…

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