Market plans, September 5

We’re very excited for this market, as it will be the real start of our fall greens season. Lots of folks enjoyed our various greens this spring, and fall is an even better time for these. The cool weather, while problematic for things like tomatoes, has been perfect for germinating and growing greens, and they’re producing wonderfully.

We grow two kinds of mustard greens (above), which are excellent sauteed with garlic or chopped into soups. Spicy-hot when raw, they mellow into a rich flavor when cooked. An acquired taste for some, but I love them.

Lots of people like kale, and that’s growing fast as well (above). We only have one 16′ bed that is ready to harvest right now, so it will likely sell fast, but it’s healthy and tasty. Mustard and kale together make a fantastic saute.

New this week will be the first batch of baby greens mix, a blend of tat soi, kale, mizuna, and arugula. This is excellent either as a salad, or lightly sauteed. Below, you see a simple mixed green salad topped with market apples and our farm-fresh cheese.

In addition to the greens mentioned above, we’ll be bringing a few fall radishes, which are quite hot right now, but some folks love ’em like that. We may bring some turnip greens as well, which are strongly flavored like mustard but also cook down well (at least I think so).

Our standard herbs, tomatilloes, cherry tomatoes, okra, and more.

This will likely be the last week for garlic. We have only 3o heads left from our sale stock, the rest being held back for fall planting or our personal supply.

Our fall planting of Fin de Bagnol green beans are flowering, so look for those within a few weeks. Dent corn (for cornmeal) and mixed soup beans are also on the agenda for later markets.

One thought on “Market plans, September 5

  1. Hey, be sure to give me a heads up when you think you might be bringing dry dent corn to market. After having tried making tortillas from freshly made nixtamal, I can't seem to motivate myself to make them from dried masa harina anymore. Wish I could get some of those greens Saturday, but I'll be at the wed. market.