Market plans, 9/26

We’re moving further into fall, a shift reflected in the product balance for this week. We’re about at the end of what passed for tomato season this year, but new items like turnips and beets are beginning to mature.
The first turnips will be available. I just roasted a few of these for lunch with sweet potatoes and beets, for an easy, tasty meal.
Mustard greens, collard greens, kale, mizuna, baby lettuce mix, radishes, tomatillos, green beans, okra, herbs, dill heads, and more.
Cherry tomatoes are finished, I think. This week’s cool, cloudy, rainy weather has resulted in mostly splitters, and the few whole ones just don’t taste good enough to sell. Might get one more week off them if the weather warms up, but the plants are on their way out.
Our baby greens mix is finished, too. We’ve gotten many harvests from those plantings, and the plants are worn out. We liked how these mixes worked in spring and fall and will devote more space to them next year.
Sweet potatoes should be available within a week or two, based on a very successful test digging. Head lettuce is growing as well. By mid-October we’ll start bringing cornmeal, beans, and sorghum.

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