Market plans, 9/19

It’s been an exhausting week. We spent the weekend and first few days mostly getting ready for the Slow Food dinner on Wednesday evening, while keeping up on harvesting and basic farm maintenance & animal chores. In addition, we started having trouble with a hawk picking off young chickens, so we’ve been trying to battle that as well. Given all that, Wednesday’s event was a fantastic success in our opinion, and we’ve gotten some really good feedback from attendees. I’ll post more on that soon when I get a chance. Meanwhile we’re trying to get ready for market and get back out into the growing areas to catch up on a week’s worth of neglected weeding, watering (no rain in over three weeks now), and other needs. Didn’t help that we had to run into town this afternoon to take care of various necessary errands.

Fin de Bagnol green beans are back! Our favorite green bean ever, these small and tender beans are good raw and even better lightly cooked. We’ll have a few pounds on Saturday and expect the yield to keep rising as the plants grow.

We’ll also bring some dried dill heads; this is still a good time to pickle items like cucumbers and okra, and fresh dill heads/seeds are perfect.

Mustard greens, kale, collards, turnip greens, baby greens mix, mizuna, bok choi, radishes, tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, okra, and herbs will all be back. The main planting of tat soi has some insect damage, and we’ll have to take another look at harvest time to decide if it is worth selling.

The stand should be about the same as last week.

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