Market plans, 9/12

This week should be a lot like last week, minus the garlic which is now truly done. We will be bringing a little bit of cilantro, which we’ve been getting steady requests for all summer. Now there’s finally some becoming ready, so I hope folks are still in the mood. Won’t be much, but exciting to have.
Mustard greens, kale, collards, turnip greens, baby greens mix, radishes, tomatillos, cherry tomatoes, okra, and herbs. Tomatillos are producing well, so now’s a good time to roast a bunch and freeze them for tasty winter salsas and sauces.
We brought the last 30 heads of sale-grade garlic last week, and it was gone by 10:00. That’s it for the year. We’ll keep expanding the plantings for a few more years, hoping to make the supplies last through the end of market season.
The first Fin de Bagnol green beans are forming now, so I expect next week we’ll have some for sale. We may bring some Jerusalem artichokes next week as well, which are an interesting root crop that we’ve used in place of water chestnuts in stir fries. More about those next week.

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