Market plans, August 22

We’re going to be in transition for the next few weeks, as some of our main summer products finish up and some new fall ones start coming on. Chances are it’ll be a more diverse, but smaller, stand for a while. These ridiculously cool temperatures for late August are a mixed blessing; great for fall greens, beans, and root crops but terrible for tomatoes, okra, peppers, and other hot-weather items.

Several items will make an appearance. We’ll likely have a first small harvest of fresh soup beans; we’re growing four varieties this year and together they make a colorful and very tasty mix that will make excellent soups or bean dishes. We cooked a sample with nothing but salt and they were fantastic.

Okra and cherry tomatoes have been creeping slowly onto the stand. We’re growing four varieties of the former and six of the latter, but as they each mature differently the full mixes are yet to come.

Fall greens are starting to produce; we sold a small amount of baby mustard greens last week and expect to slowly increase quantities in the next few weeks, along with collards, kale, and more as they become ready. We’ll hopefully return to our popular saute mix as well.

We expect to dig a few purple fingerling potatoes Friday, so hopefully we will have some of those if the voles didn’t beat us to them. They’re a deep purple all the way through and very, very tasty as new potatoes.

Also, we’ll have some pints of small pearl-type onions, yellow and red. These were pretty popular on Wednesday, so I’ll bring some more. They’re nice for roasting or stews, or for folks who don’t like to use a lot of onion at once and hate cutting up a big onion and putting half back in the fridge.

This will be, guaranteed, the last day for edamame. We got a pretty good second harvest off the final few rows and sold some Wednesday, but the rest will be available Saturday. Then we’re done. We’ll also have some more of our heirloom green bean mix, and of course a wide variety of garlic. Basil, parsley, mint, sage, tarragon, lemon balm, and dill heads will likely be available.

Our fall planting of the very popular Fin de Bagnol green beans is looking very healthy, so sometime in September you can expect those to return. More of most of the new items will start showing up in the coming weeks as their production reaches stride.

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