Market plans, 8/29

This will be a small stand compared to the last month’s worth. We’re still getting very slow production from items like cherry tomatoes, due to the cool weather, and some items we just don’t have very many of (like purple potatoes). Tomatillos are producing wonderfully, so this would be a good time to try the Tribune’s tomatillo recipes or ones of your own. But this week will be a comedown for us.
We might be bringing the first batch of saute mix, depending on our last-minute decision when we check the greens beds this morning. This would consist of kale, collards, pea shoots, possibly mustard greens, maybe others.
Cherry tomatoes (more colors are becoming available, though in small quantities), okra mixes, mustard greens, garlic, tomatillos, a few purple potatoes, and herbs.
Edamame are finished for the year, and green beans are done for now until our later planting comes online. Onions and cucumbers are also pretty much at their end; may have a few last ones this week.

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