Market plans, 8/15

This is tomatillo week in Columbia, as the Tribune’s food section featured several recipes on using them. We tried our own version of Marcia’s tomatillo gazpacho and loved it:

We simplified this to fit the ingredients we had on hand, simply tossing 1lb of tomatillos in a blender along with 3 cloves of mild garlic, 1/2 cucumber, a few cups of our thawed chicken broth, and some salt and sugar. The taste was fantastic just like that, though I can see how the avacado, olives, shrimp, and other extras in the original recipe would add complexity. This soup was actually a great example of why diverse garlic matters, as we used a variety intended for raw use, and didn’t end up with any burning or long-lasting garlic flavor the way stronger varieties can. We topped the soup with chopped cherry tomatoes and cucumbers and ate the whole batch in one sitting. This is a definite winner. Pick up some tomatillos tomorrow and try it for yourself.

Tomatillos. We’ll see how many we have; I brought 6 pints to market on Wednesday and hope to have at least that many Saturday (a pint is about 3/4 lb). Salad Garden should have them as well, if/when we run out. Our plants are loaded with small fruit, but they mature slowly and every time I check I expect to find more ready than I actually do. One of these weeks we’re going to be flooded with them.

There’s also a chance we’ll make a small early harvest of mustard greens, so look for some nice baby mustard if you come early.

Garlic, green bean mix, edamame, possibly some cucumbers, full mix of herbs, and more.

Nothing yet, but green beans and edamame are close. Maybe one more week on these. Look for our edamame at Sycamore and Main Squeeze, to whom I made deliveries on Tuesday. This will be the best remaining week for edamame, so consider buying some extras and freezing them, which multiple folks did at the Wednesday market. Just boil them for 2.5 minutes, then either freeze as-is, or shell before freezing. Then you can pop them out anytime over the winter, give them a quick final cook, and enjoy the taste.

Okra and cherry tomatoes will someday be ready.

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