Customer reviews

We’ve gotten a series of nice comments and reviews lately, so we might as well share.

First, we recieved a very nice writeup from Scott Rowson of the Columbia Tribune, who writes an excellent and thoughtful biweekly food column. This column ran last Wednesday, and resulted in a significant uptick in folks asking about edamame at Saturday’s market. Unfortunately, that day I had the final harvest for the year, and sold all 30lb by 10:00, so had to give bad news to many later folks. Sorry. You can still get our edamame at Sycamore Restaurant, which purchased a large amount and is currently serving them as an appetizer on their bar menu.

We also had a nice interaction with Dr. Elizabeth Alleman of Harrisburg, who came out to the farm to buy her winter’s supply of garlic after a friend’s reference. She later wrote a nice piece on her website about the garlic and our farm.

There was also an interesting writeup in a recent publication from the Missouri Farmers Union, though there doesn’t seem to be a version online. The writer including several paragraphs about our farm in two-page story about local foods, and though I don’t remember ever talking to him, he did a good job of summarizing our farm and our beliefs. Must have read the website thoroughly!

Finally, I want to thank all the customers who enjoyed our edamame and other products over the season so far. This past month especially has been good for us at market, with many loyal customers returning every week and a lot of interest in what we have to offer. Many folks have made a point of giving us reviews of the products they buy, and we really appreciate the feedback. So far it’s been 99% positive, so we must be doing something right. Even so, please, please, please tell us if you ever get something bad. We need to know so we can fix it and prevent it.

We have a lot of items in the ground for the fall, and hope to stay at market through October and even November, depending on weather and all that. Thanks for your support so far and we’ll keep seeing you at market.

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