Market plans, July 4

We are very much entering our transitional period from spring produce to summer produce. Most spring items like beets, radishes, lettuce, peas, and greens are finished, but core summer items like beans, tomatoes, okra, and more are not yet ready. So the next market or two will be smaller than usual for us, but what we have will still be fresh and worthwhile.

We may have some amaranth leaves, which have a really nice flavor when cooked and make a great mid-summer source of greens. Fennel bulbs and kohlrabi will also make their first appearance.

Fresh garlic heads, sweet onions, scallions, young summer squash, a variety of fresh herbs, and more.

Beets are gone. We harvested all our remaining beets last week due to heat. I brought them all to market in coolers, not expecting to sell them all, but intending bring the remainder back and store the roots for sale the following week. That didn’t happen, as beets of all types were so popular that we sold our entire remaining stock by the end of market. Clearly we need to plant more beets this fall/next spring. So sorry to those hoping for more; I wasn’t expecting such good sales!

COMING SOON: Green beans are close. The earliest Fin de Bagnol green beans are ready, though we won’t have marketable quantities until next week. These are the best-tasting beans we’ve ever found, and customers last year agreed. The first edamame pods are forming. We dug the earliest potatoes for ourselves this week, so those are coming soon. Cured head garlic should be available within the next few weeks.

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