Market plans, July 18

Looking back at our market stand last year, it’s interesting to compare the annual differences. We’ve certainly grown, as July 20th 2008 was our first market stand for over a month, whereas this year we’ve finally been able to maintain a good stand every week since the spring. We started selling cured garlic that day, as compared to a week earlier this year. Cucumbers and beans are earlier this year, but tomatoes are way behind. Edamame is way ahead, as we started selling it last year in late August, but this year the first varieties should be ready next week.

Part of last week’s market stand: NEW THIS WEEK:
More varieties of cured garlic. We grew 12 this year, and will be selling 8 of them. This week there will be at least four varieties available, most likely German Extra Hardy, Bogatyr, Georgian Crystal, and Chet’s Italian Red. The others were harvested later and are finishing curing. We’ll also likely have some new cucumbers.

Amaranth greens, onions, herbs (including basil), green beans, fennel, potatoes, and more.

We’re going to hold off on selling baby squash for a bit; it’s not that lucrative and zucchini are something we put up a lot of for winter. We also don’t plant much of it, as organic zucchini is problematic and it’s just not worth using lots of space for. So we’re going to focus on making our freezer quota of zucchini soup and shredded zucchini for a while, and maybe bring more to market if the plants are still going strong later in the summer. Kohlrabi are also done; we did one test bed this year and liked the tender ones we got, but many didn’t bulb at all and overall the crop was a failure.

Fresh edamame! These are so close this week, but the pods just aren’t fleshed out enough for harvesting. They’ll definitely be available next week; given the customer reaction last year, we can’t wait to start selling these this year.

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