Market plans, July 11

This week, as we often do, we try to find the balance between selling product and keeping it for ourselves. Potatoes and garlic are a great example of this, as we could certainly sell everything we grow, but feel strongly about feeding ourselves year-round and so withhold a significant quantity for winter storage. So the market quantity is always smaller than what it could be, but we prefer that to purchasing shipped-in produce all winter.

The first harvests of green beans and potatoes will be available. The beans are Fin de Bagnol, a fantastic French bean with memorable flavor and texture. Many customers adored these last year and have been asking about them. This week will be the first small harvest, probably just a few pints; the core of production will be over the next few weeks. Potatoes this week will be fresh Yukon Golds; big, beautiful yellow potatoes and very tasty. We only grew one 40′ row of these this year, so they’ll be a one-time product at market. There are three more varieties of potatoes maturing soon.

Cured garlic heads will make their first appearance, most likely German Extra Hardy and Chet’s Italian Red. These were the first out of the ground, so will be the first cured available. Over the next few weeks, the rest will finish and we’ll round out our display of multiple garlic options.

More amaranth greens, which sold out fast last week. We really like these as a summer cooking green, and are looking forward to the first customer reviews. Also more scallions and multiple kinds of onions. Small amounts of fennel, kohlrabi, and baby squash will be present, along with multiple fresh herbs.

Fresh garlic, as all heads have been harvested and are curing.

Edamame, tomatillos, more potato varieties, and cucumbers.

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