Agriculture stories from NY state

I spent part of last week on a quick visit to western New York, visiting my mother & brother to celebrate their retirement and high school graduation, respectively. Joanna worked hard to keep things under control on her own while I was gone, and we’re both grateful for the current cool weather so we can catch up on weeding and other chores.

While there, I was able to visit several farmers markets and travel around some. This week’s blog will be dedicated to some of the interesting things I learned, saw, and heard while there, including:

– observations from markets in Brighton, NY and Ithaca, NY, and on the diverse and (relative to MO) robust nature of western NY local agriculture.
– discussion of a NY program that dedicates funds to specific checks that low-income folks can use to directly purchase fresh produce solely from farmers markets.
– some hair-raising stories overheard from an Iowa chicken CAFO employee on the train back home.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, we’ll be catching up with the weeds, starting our planting of fall produce, doing a lot of manual harvesting of fresh beans and edamame, and working out the best management strategies for our fast-growing young chicks and turkeys. Look for edamame at market next week, and at Main Squeeze and Sycamore, both of whom have expressed interest in sourcing it from us.

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