Market plans, 6/27

The weather for Saturday looks truly uncomfortable; sunny and highs near 100 with high humidity. I’m not sure we want to stay at market all morning; things will just start wilting. We’ll see how fast sales go.


Lots of beets in three versions: full bunches, loose beet greens, and loose beet roots. Also scallions, herbs, and sweet onions. These latter ones, which we started selling last week, are intensely sweet and the best we can remember tasting. They’re priced high and they’re worth every penny. We’ll also have more green garlic to tide folks over while the main harvest cures.
Clarification: these are full garlic heads, not green garlic stalks. They’re just harvested fresh instead of cured first.

The heat this week has finished off the peas; we’re still getting some harvest, but the plants are failing fast and the pods are starting to get fungus on them. We’ll quit while we’re ahead.

Cured head garlic should start being available in a few weeks. Also coming soon are the first plantings of green beans and summer squash.

I had a few folks regret missing the garlic last week, as it was sold out by the time they came. If you want to be sure to get it, let us know ahead of time and we’ll hold some for you.

2 thoughts on “Market plans, 6/27

  1. I love beet greens, so I am pretty excited for those – though I am not looking forward to getting out in that heat tomorrow.We would love to have about 4 heads of garlic if you would hold them for us. Will you have them tomorrow or will it be a week or so before they are ready to go?Have I mentioned I am excited about the beet greens? I am still a bit tentative on how I feel about beet roots, but I love the greens sauteed with vinegar, garlic, and a little crushed red pepper. Yum!

  2. Jennifer,We'll only be selling green garlic tomorrow, which should be used within a week and needs to be refrigerated. The cured garlic will be another few weeks at least. We'll be happy to hold however many you want, but only ask for what you'll use this week. How many is that?Eric