Market plans, 6/20

It’s going to be a small market this week for us, due to seasonal changes and hail damage. I’m also not feeling very well, and Joanna may be selling for us on Saturday.

Fresh garlic heads, first of the season. We’ll be bringing just a few to whet folks’ appetites, but the harvest will grow bigger and bigger over the next few weeks. Once the full harvest has been hung and cured, it will be a regular at the stand for the rest of the summer.
We should have beets again, though some leaves are shredded and we’ll be checking for damage to the roots. Some scallions and herbs will also be available.
Not sure if we’ll have any peas, we won’t know until we harvest tomorrow whether we have enough undamaged and mature ones to be worth bringing.
Lettuce and our popular saute mix are done until fall.

One thought on “Market plans, 6/20

  1. Ooooh fresh garlic heads. I will have to be there early to make sure I can take advantage of those. I am looking forward to checking out your beets too.Sorry to hear that you are a bit under the weather this week.