Market conditions & recap

Last Saturday’s market was an excellent demonstration of the weather vagarities that make a permanent pavilion so desirable for everyone involved. When I got up at 5, the wind was gusting as lightning flared on the horizon. I packed the truck and drove to Columbia in the rain. It dried off while I was setting up between 6:30-8, but it was rather cold. Once market opened, the rain returned, varying from mist to drizzle to steady for a while, as the wind slowly picked up. Eventually the rain moved off, and for the middle part of market we had broken clouds with sun peeking through, and a wonderful temperature. Then around 10/10:30 the clouds broke and vanished, the sun began beating down with a vengeance, and the wind following the cold front really began to take hold. It got plenty hot by the end, but that wind was also shaking tents, blowing things off stands, wilting produce, and otherwise making life difficult. While the planned pavilion can’t stop all wind, it should keep sun and rain off while removing the dangers that wind presents. Days like this make the project all the more important.

Given all that, we still had a very good day. The fresh head lettuces were again popular, with many customers returning with good reviews from last week and desires for more. Just like last year, the scapes flew off the table with no trouble. Look for more next week. This was the last hurrah for radishes, and the last batch sold nicely. I’ll be selling on Wednesday this week as well as Saturday, so if you’re around between 4-6 that day come swing by for fresh scapes, lettuce, and peas.

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