June animal photos

I’ve had multiple requests to post more animal photos. I guess vegetables just aren’t as charismatic, though they’re less risky and more lucrative.

First, the newest arrivals. Joanna is holding one of four young ducks that we acquired this week as our first foray into duck-raising. We have them housed in a temporary mobile pen made from used chain-link fence panels, which we can drag around to keep giving them fresh browse. At least two of these will be meat when they get a bit bigger, but we may keep a pair to breed, as ducks are pretty prolific and could be a good side source of income. That’s if the coons don’t get them first, which is always a possibility with poultry.

Then we have a gosling, which like all baby animals is ridiculously cute.

And a kid meeting a hen. Just after the shutter clicked, she snapped her head around and pecked his inquisitive nose away. I would have loved to capture that.

And, for good measure, here’s a pretty fun video of the kids playing on our goose shed. I was hoping to capture one of the flying leaps they use to get on and off the shed, but you still get the idea. They just fling themselves into midair with no concept of where they’re going or what’s below them.

They’re insanely energetic, and we’ve been a bit worried that they would run over a gosling as they charge around and leap on and off the shed. As it turns out, that worry was justified, as I found a flattened gosling last night that had clearly been killed by one of the kids as it jumped off the shed and onto the unsuspecting gosling. So we’re down to one.

One thought on “June animal photos

  1. Hahaha, well I for one really enjoyed your animal pictures post. While I do love gorgeous pictures of veggies (especially ones I can get at market on Saturday!) is wonderful, they certainly aren't cute like that gosling or kid meeting the chicken. Too cute.I bet it is a lot of fun to just sit around and watch the animals do their thing.