First farm tour announcement

Our first farm tour of 2009 will take place on Sunday, June 14. This event is intended primarily for customers, as we feel strongly about folks having the opportunity to see where and how their food is grown. Toward that end, we’ve been collecting emails and contact information at our market stand since April, and last week sent out the first notice to the 40 or so folks who have expressed interest so far. We’re limiting the size of the tour, but slots are still available, so ask at the market tomorrow if you’re interested.

Initial announcement below:

Dear customers and neighbors of Chert Hollow Farm,
We will be holding our first farm tour of 2009 on Sunday, June 14 at 3pm. We will explore the farm while discussing our growing and management practices as an integrated organic farm, including our fields, fruit plantings, forests, and animals. We expect to finish by 5pm. There is no cost, and children of all ages are welcome. Please be aware that the tour will involved walking through a variety of terrains and conditions, including field, pasture, forest, and more. Those with mobility concerns may contact us directly about options.

The farm is about 12 miles north of Columbia, roughly 15-20 minutes drive. Due to limited parking space and desired tour size, as well as respect for our neighbors, we can only receive ten vehicles for a tour. These slots will be filled on a first-response basis. Please keep in mind that our entry road is steep, somewhat rough gravel. SUVS or higher-wheelbase vehicles are better, though our 1993 Honda Accord makes it through just fine with some attention. I will grade the road as well as I can for whatever conditions exist, but very nice cars with low wheelbases are your own risk.

Given our vehicle constraints, we encourage those signing up to consider carpooling with others who wish to attend. If you are one of the first ten, and would be willing to offer a ride to others, please provide your rough location and contact info and we will try to match you with others in your area. When the visitor list is settled, we will send those folks directions.

If you can’t make this event, we expect to do more throughout the year, so don’t despair. If you haven’t done so, please visit our website for a preview of the farm:

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