Brutal week

This past week was quite disruptive to the farm; until now we’ve had things running pretty smoothly and the weather had been quite good throughout the spring. That will never last forever, and this week marked the switch.

Monday through Tuesday we got 5″ of rain, which saturated the soil and forced us out of many outdoor tasks. Wednesday was a fine interlude, until the severe storms blew up that afternoon and pounded us with another 3″ of rain and damaging hail. Thursday morning I woke up feeling rather ill and wasn’t much use; Joanna had already planned on attending a quail habitat management seminar that afternoon, so she dropped me off at the doctor to check for tick disease. Tests were negative, but whatever it was didn’t really release me until the end of Friday. I struggled through helping with market harvest, but wasn’t of much other help. Besides, 8″ of rain meant that we definitely couldn’t do much else.

We had a decent market Saturday, but as we drove home that afternoon, the sky looked awfully dark, and the roads near home looked awfully wet. We got to the bottom of our hill to find that we had indeed gotten another strong storm, about 2″ in what the neighbors reported to be 30 minutes, which on top of the fully saturated soil produced one heck of a flood, including depositing a rather large log on our road:
These latest rounds of intense rainfall have caused damage in addition to the hail, and mean that everything is so wet it will be days before we get started on weeding and cleanup again (it’s not effective or good to pull weeds or work soil when it’s saturated). And, of course, we have a week coming up forecast for mid-90s and very humid.
It’s Missouri, and none of these events are at all unusual. But packed together like that, they made for a week to move on from. Interestingly, it was right about this time last year that I was writing about heavy rains and the problems they were causing…

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