Wonderful farm multimedia piece

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve had a wonderful MU graduate student in photojournalism following us around since February, doing a project on tracking a small farm’s transition from winter to spring. I think she’s about wrapping up, and we’re looking forward to her final product and CD of images with great excitement.

As a teaser, she gave us the link to her photo blog, which included this very nicely done multimedia slideshow/montage of images, interviews, and sounds from the farm. In my opinion, this is by far the best media product we’ve seen about what we do, in our many interactions with local journalism. She’s really captured things nicely and the slideshow flows very effectively. Thanks, Cat!.

The show is embedded below, or you can visit her blog for a larger version.


Chert Hollow from Catherine Szalkowski on Vimeo.

This is very much a teaser for us, as we’re really happy with this small product and can’t wait to see what else she captured.

4 thoughts on “Wonderful farm multimedia piece

  1. Wow. What a great documentation of your work this spring. Very cool things going on up there!

  2. this was great to see! I feel like I’ve been there now. I can almost taste the veggies, especially that beautiful lettuce!

  3. Awesome. I hope to see her finished piece. She couldn’t have picked a better couple to document. 🙂